About TENpod


TENpod has been housed in the Ode To Roses building since 2003 making us Portland’s first and longest running coworking space and arguably, one of the first in the US.  We live right on top of Grand Central Bakery, but were under the radar for the first 10 years or so.  Kevin Cavenaugh, owner and primary designer at Guerrilla Development Company, needed a place to work once he made the leap from corporate design to working on his own and TENpod was born!  Originally billed as a “co-op”, the intention and idea of the space has always been the same:  A light-filled, warm, friendly space to do your work without the distractions of your dogs, kids, or walls at home.  

Our Beaumont-Wilshire location right off of Fremont has helped out so many folks that we decided to open up a second location in St. Johns and not only add to the rejuvenation of the area, but give people another space to make their own.  This location is more community-oriented and has a large conference room that’s great not only for meetings, but designed intentionally for the art community as well: the space can be used for rehearsals, small video shoots and other arty endeavors.  About Our Parent Company

Look for a third TENpod coming soon at the Fair-Haired Dumbbell!


Lorelei Kennedy

Lorelei Kennedy has worked with small businesses in and around Portland for over 15 years in a variety of capacities and couldn’t be happier to be the POD Queen here at TENpod.   She spends her time managing TENpod's two locations at NE Fremont and St. Johns and preparing for a third to open in the first quarter of 2017.  When not managing TENpod, Lorelei is involved in a few other endeavors; she also teaches kids theater classes on the outreach team at Northwest Children’s Theater and offers private classes during the school year.  Lorelei also volunteers weekly in the Arts in Prison Program through the non-profit Open Hearts Open Minds where she joins a group of other volunteers from diverse backgrounds that include, theater, meditation, and writing, among other endeavors.  Lorelei loves reading, crocheting, and lounging around by the fireplace.